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Jim Ferguson, Solo Guitar ~ All Original Material

Fine Acoustic Music
Jim Ferguson  

Jim Ferguson plays a unique blend of original composed and improvised music with many stylistic influences, including jazz, classical, and world elements. His many performances in both the U.S. and abroad have been applauded by audiences and critics alike.

As Dr. Frank Forte (Just Jazz Guitar Magazine) said of Jim's music: "Is it jazz guitar? Well, it is improvisational, fresh, original, and it swings. Why ask more?"

Cadence Magazine wrote: "Bluesy and swinging, Ferguson bears up under repeated listening," and Just Jazz Guitar Magazine speaks of "...Jim Ferguson's place among the great fingerstyle jazz guitar artists. He fits in the ranks of Gene Bertoncini, Charlie Byrd, Ken Hatfield, and Lenny Breau."

Jim has enjoyed the spotlight as both a solo artist and as a member of a duo or group. He has performed with Tommy Tedesco, Jorge Morel, Paulo Bellinati, Ernie Watts, Ray Drummond, Bruce Williamson, David Goloshokin, Red Varner, Hannu Rantanen, former members of the Count Basie and Woody Herman big bands, and many others.

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Click below to listen to Jim's solo albums:
Cedar & Silver album:  on iTunes   on CDBaby
Moonstone album:  on iTunes   on CDBaby
24 Jazzy Studies album:  on iTunes   on CDBaby

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