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Jim Ferguson: Acclaimed Composer, Guitarist, Author

“[Jim Ferguson] is a wonderful composer . . . his technique is impeccable.”
—Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

“I read through [your music] and it is truly beautiful . . . I am a big fan of yours!”
—JoAnn Falletta, celebrated conductor and guitarist

“I can't think of anyone who has done more for jazz guitar than Jim Ferguson.”
—Jimmy Bruno, jazz guitar virtuoso

Check out Meredith Connie's artful performance of Jim's "Frankenstein Meets The Jazzman" from Four Monsters: click here!

Jim's newest suite for solo classical guitar, Jazzotica integrates jazz harmonies, odd meters, and a variety of other dynamic elements. See Catalogue for details.

New Book! Using common jazz chord progressions, Comping Standards For Jazz Guitar walks you through three primary comping approaches: straight-four, moving bass lines, and combo variants. See Catalogue for details.

"Winedark Sea," dedicated to acclaimed conductor JoAnn Falletta for her praise of Jim's compositions (see Reviews), is a dynamic programmatic piece inspired by Homer's The Odyssey. Featuring Jim's characteristic jazz harmonies, the piece suggests the launching of ships, stormy waters, and calm seas. See Catalogue for details, and read reviews here: Winedark Sea Reviews.

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      New!   “Jazzotica”New: Jazzotica

Jim's "Requiem For A Fallen Artist" is now available as a solo publication! This piece is featured in 25 Compositions, a collection celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Les Productions d'OZ, along with other solo guitar works by notable composers such as Máximo Diego Pujol, Roland Dyens, Bernard Piris, and Francis Kleynjans. The marvelous Canadian guitarist Marlène Lemay brings all the pieces to life on the anniversary CD.

Solo guitar suite: Four Monsters ("Frankenstein Meets The Jazzman," "The Raven Vanishes," "Mad Love," and "The Fly"), a musical exploration in various shades of darkness. See Catalogue for details, and read the full review here: Monsters Review.

Also check out Film Noir—Four Scenes ("Dark Streets & Shadows," "Wheelman," "Femme Fatale," and "Heater"), Jim's ambitious tribute to classic films of the 1940s and 1950s. See Catalogue for details and sound samples, and read the latest review here: Film Noir Reviews.

Read Jim's experiences about using the right-hand little finger in fingerstyle technique: see About C.


Jim now on Skype! Take private lessons with Jim in person or live via Skype from anywhere in the world. See Lessons for details.

Check out Jim's in-depth biography on Wikipedia:
Jim Ferguson's Wikipedia Biography
See Jim's Wikipedia biography

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