Jim Ferguson: Changes/Additions/Errata

Since originally composing (and then recording) these pieces, I have made the following changes/additions (also included are known errors in the published scores):

"Sumi Dance": The harmonic in measure 4, beat 3, should be a second-string 12th-fret B, not E. In bars 16 and 56, beat 4, I play the A as a 4th string right-hand harmonic at the 19 fret (see "Asian Pavan," measure 8), while in bars 17 and 57, beat 2, I play a high D only (sustain the G and A from the previous beat). On beat three of measure 34, I add a low, 5th-string B on beat three. And while bars 23 and 24 of the printed version are fine, I now prefer the following (p can also play fourth-string F#, leaving i for string three, m for two, and c for one):


"Before Six": The last beat in bar 26 should be a quarter value.

"Chuck's Waltz": Since this piece was originally composed, I've added a new section (a variation of bars 21 through 36 of the published version). To insert the new section, heed the D.S., and again play bars 5 through 20, but this time only once. Ignore the coda and proceed to the new section shown here. Once you arrive at the D.S. the second time, return and take the coda as the score indicates.

"Leo's Blues": In measure 8, I repeat the bass note A, shown in bar 1 of the following example. I also omit the first ending, using measure 15 to repeat, which heightens the piece's modal quality. In moving from bar 15 to 20, the left-hand fingering shown in the example's second measure arises from using a 3rd finger guide on the fourth string. Finally, I changed the chord in bar 22, to the one shown in bar 3 of the example.

"Debussiana": All notes should be allowed to ring, including the fourth-beat A and B in measures 13 and 14, respectively. The dynamic marking in measure 9 should be reversed, and in bar 19, first-beat G# should be changed to second-string C#.

"Asian Pavan": Since originally recording this piece in 2004 and the publication of the score in the October 2005 issue of Classical Guitar Magazine, I have made a number of revisions. Currently, there are two versions of this piece: the five-finger edition in Contemporary Anthology Of Solo Guitar Music, and the four-finger edition, which is available only by special arrangement from this site (please Contact Us). I approve of both. Regarding the five-finger version, the upper half-note E in bars 36 and 44 should be deleted.

12 Simple Jazzy Studies, "Study No. XII": The very last note should be C#.

"Cirque du Soul": In measure 55, slur G to A.

Film Noir—Four Scenes, "Wheelman": The trills in measures 1, 2, and 97 should be from A to Bb. And in bar 23, there should be a mf dynamic marking beginning on beat 1.

Film Noir—Four Scenes, "Femme Fatale": In measure 14, the string indicaton for the C# harmonic should be a circled 5.

Four Monsters, "Mad Love": In measure 76, the C half-note should be a quarter.

12 Semi-Simple Jazzy Studies, "Study III": In measure 1, the fourth right-hand indication should be m.

12 Semi-Simple Jazzy Studies, "Study IV": Bar 13, last eighth: the A harmonic should be played with p.

12 Semi-Simple Jazzy Studies, "Study V": Measure 8, beat 1: the E should be natural.

12 Semi-Simple Jazzy Studies, "Study VII": Coda: The dynamic indications in lines two and three should be a measure earlier.

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