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The book that started it all! A comprehensive guide to jazz/blues comping styles. 92-page book/30-track CD.
All Blues for Jazz
Guitar: Comping
Styles, Chords &
The most complete guide to jazz/blues soloing ever written. 96-page book/32-track CD.
All Blues Soloing for Jazz Guitar: Scales, Licks, Concepts & Choruses
The only book to exclusively focus on the blues scale as it applies to jazz guitar. 32-page book/30-track CD.
All Blues Scale for
Jazz Guitar: Solos,
Grooves & Patterns
A powerful method for learning scales, the fretboard, and improving your improvisational fluency. 40-page book/26-track CD.
All Solos & Grooves
for Jazz Guitar:
Position Studies,
Scales & Patterns
$26.95 $24.95 $19.95 $21.00
Dozens of hip intros and endings. 40-page book/40-track CD.
All Intros & Endings
for Jazz Guitar:
Bebop, Swing,
Latin, Ballads
Cedar & Silver CD: 11 original solo compositions plus 2 Arrangements/Medleys.
Cedar & Silver
Unleash the improvisational power of fingerboard shapes. 32-page book/28-track CD.
Shapes, Patterns
& Lines for
Jazz Guitar
Moonstone CD: 17 original solo compositions.
$19.95 $13.95 $19.95 $13.95
This historic 156-page collection of 57 compositions features six of Jim's compositions for solo guitar.
Anthology of
Solo Guitar
12 jazz-based solo guitar pieces in nine keys; standard notation only.
12 Simple
Jazzy Studies
A vibrant, 4-page guitar solo.
Lady Di
A dynamic solo that conjures a circus atmosphere with tinges of jazz and blues.
Cirque du Soul
$24.95 $16.95 $6.95 $10.95
Jim's ambitious tribute to Film Noir; standard notation only, 16 pages.
Film Noir:
Four Scenes
Jim's Gothic suite; standard notation only, 16 pages.
Four Monsters
Based on a single motive; 4 pages
Requiem For A Fallen Artist
Inspired by Homer's Odyssey; 4 pages
Winedark Sea
$12.95 $12.95 $6.95 $7.95
Comping Standards For Jazz Guitar: 32 pages, 17-track CD.
Comping Standards
For Jazz Guitar
Exotic music for classical guitar; 11 pages.
12 jazz-based solo guitar pieces in ten keys; standard notation only.
12 Semi-Simple
Jazzy Studies
24 Jazzy Studies CD: original solo compositions.
24 Jazzy Studies
$19.99 $12.95 $16.95 $13.95
8 beguiling pages.
Night Cats
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